If you only do three things, do these three things.

Improving Customer Experience

Customer experience can be a hard thing to master as it varies so much from company to company. Getting the experience right leads to having customers who are satisfied with the product they are receiving from you, as a company. There are several ways to increase customer engagement through improving the customer experience, and all are relatively easy to implement.

The key to great customer experience is simple: Create a more rewarding interaction between customer and brand. By creating that interaction you are preparing your customer, allowing them to realistically map out their own expectations of the brand. If you have a great website, a great customer flow, and a great customised and personable experience for the customer to take, they are going to think you are amazing.

In a world of customer engagement, customer experience is key.

Understanding Your Customers

Understand your customers. Understand yourself. These are the rules of office Zen.

Understanding your customer and understanding the needs of your ideal customer are of key importance in terms of marketing a product or service correctly. Understanding that need allows for all kinds of cross selling and aftersales opportunities as it allows for you, as a company, to get closer to your customer and potential clients.

Understanding your customers also allows for far more personable selling techniques. Personalise all communications, tailor Social Media towards them, pre-empt what they will want and ensure that they have the solutions in hand. Don’t keep them wanting but instead provide what will make them happy.

Increasing Customer Awareness

Increasing customer awareness has two meanings. The first is the simple one, be aware of what your customer wants. This is touched upon in the above points, so let’s not go into it in any more detail.

The second is far more important for the success of any company. There seems to be a growing trend, a terrifying one, that companies are treating their customers more and more like numbers. Be aware that your customers are people too. This is especially evident with banks and building societies who are trained to see their clients in terms of net financial profit, however it need not be the case.

The truth is, the more a customer feels valued, the more likely they are to return, the better their experience is (see above), and the happier they are. This results in better feedback.

We have another post exploring companies who do this especially well, however, it is an interesting topic to touch on here.

Provide a sale and you’ll please a customer for a day. Provide a good customer experience and you’ll please a customer for life.

There are numerous ways of keeping clients happy and improving their experience. These include on-boarding, personalisation, and unsubscribe campaigns.

How to Keep Your Customers Happy

Contrary to popular belief, there is no secret formula for keeping customers happy so you just have to listen to them. This will increase customer experience and create far more loyal customers in the long run. To find out more about customer experience, and how to improve yours, please click on the button below.

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