2015 has seen some amazing emails.

Email marketing is always surprising. Ultimately it can do a lot for a company, with successful campaigns bringing in high rates of conversion and high profits. Whilst, a poor email campaign can damage a company's reputation. This is why it is so important to get things right.

This article is a celebration of what we consider to be successful, email campaigns. The 10 selected in this list have shone above all others this year, successfully achieving everything they set out to achieve. And here they are:


Boden Email 

Boden may be an usual company to start with, especially since we have talked about this email campaign before, but their April Fools Day email in 2015 really made us all laugh. It was such a welcome emailand a tongue in cheek way of promoting the dress they were selling.


Joules Email

Along the same lines as the Boden email, Joules released a joke email back in April themselves. The point of the email was simple - to express their exclusivity in a way that was physically impossible (you can't stay in a sandcastle after all!). This play on winning a prize was humorous and clever, making us laugh and sticking in our minds for the rest of the year.


Spotify Email

There is something incredibly personable about this Spotify email. Spotify, in knowing the listening habits of their users, have created an email designed to move them away from the computer and in front of the stage. They recommend gigs and experiences away from their own software. This adds to the user experience, knowing that they get personal recommendations from Spotify based on their own tastes.


Qwertee Email (1)

Qwertee have an incredibly simple business model where each day they sell three unique t-shirts, voted upon by the patrons of the site. They also have a brilliant way of ensuring their emails are read; they hide offers within the text of their emails. They don't stand out. They're not in bold, but they are there. This makes each email a game of hide and seek, where the reader has to search for the money off offer. They have gamified emails, and this we like.


EasyJet Email

It is predicted that modular email design will become a huge thing in 2016 and EasyJet are ahead of the game with this beautifully laid out email, displaying a huge array of information in a small space, making it easily accessible for all to see. This email is not only one of the best in 2015, but one of the best ever. It is highly personable, targetted, and contains truly awesome, relevant information. Simply amazing.



In terms of how information is presented GQ have one area where they do stand out. The way they present their Social Media channels is unique, eye-catching, and genuinely intriguing. We really enjoy these buttons and they can be an inspiration to all direct marketers.

Jack Wills

Jack Wills Email

Are you a clothing retailer? Do you have a massive collection and want to show as many items in one email as possible? Well, Jack Wills are and they found a way. Through a multi-layered gif they created a unique email, designed to show off as much of their range as possible whilst remaining uncomplicated, uncluttered and true to their brand.

Whittard of Chelsea

Whittard Email

Whittard have a fantastic brand. They provide intuitive copy in all of their emails that present them as the Innocent Smoothies of the tea world. Who knew there were so many tea puns?

Whittard create fun and fancy emails. They stay true to their brand, using the emails as an extension of their proposition, strengthening their in-store experience via the use of direct marketing.

Now granted the above example is from 2016, but it demonstrates the point perfectly.


Misguided Email

Missguided know their market and they know them well. Appealing to teens and young women, Missguided use a casual tone of voice to emphasise their connection to their audience. This is demonstrated by the quirky content in the email above.

Exclusive Hotels and Venues

Exclusive Email

Designed by CAB Studios the Exclusive Hotels and Venues December emails were hailed as some of the best winter emails of 2015. It has an efficient design, spanning a series of emails, to create a journey from email to a stay at an Exclusive hotel.

As we enter 2016 we can't wait to see what the future may hold for email. To find out more please click on the button below to start your journey. 

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