‘Insta ads’ have been popping up on user’s timelines for some time now, however, until earlier this month the ability to promote your brand through paid advertising on Instagram was a privilege only available to a select few.

Fear not, as Instagram has recently announced that businesses both large and small can now run their own advertising campaigns on a self-serve basis. In addition to this, ads are available in more than 30 new countries including Spain, Italy, Mexico, South Korea and India with the aim of expanding into additional global markets as early as September 30th.

With technology adopted from Facebook’s advertising infrastructure, it’s now easy for brands to promote themselves on Instagram, to target their message more effectively and reach people based on their interests. Brands also have access to new ad formats that can help people learn more about the things that interest them or even shop for products straight from Instagram.

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Instagram reported to have tested its advertising functionality on a number of businesses, of all sizes, this summer. This has led to increased demand due to the positive results achieved, particularly in industries such as e-commerce, entertainment, travel and retail.

Using Instagram Ads to Meet your Marketing Objectives 

Instagram is starting to really shape itself as an inbound marketing powerhouse, with the introduction of three new ad formats to help businesses achieve crucial marketing objectives such as increased mass awareness, website clicks, video views and mobile app installs.

Instagram’s three new ad formats are as follows: 

Image Ads

Image ads give brands the opportunity to tell their story through engaging imagery. Whether it's to inspire people to see your brand differently or to take action, they offer a clean, simple and beautiful creative canvas for marketers to sink their teeth into.

Video Ad

Video ads offer the same visually immersive quality as photo ads on Instagram, however with the additional power of sound and motion. You can now even share videos for up to 30 seconds in the all-new landscape format.

Carousel Ads

Although image ads allow brands to broadcast their creative and inspirational images to the wider Instagram community, carousel ads bring an additional layer of depth to image advertising. They give people the ability swipe to see additional images and include a call to action button that drives them to a website to learn more.

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How to Capitalise on Instagram Ads

Despite the mass capabilities unlocked by Instagram’s leap into the world of paid advertising, brands need to first take a step back to recognise why people are on the social network in the first place for them to truly uncover how they can capatalise on the opportunity provided by Instagram ads.

People come to Instagram for visual inspiration, therefore brands should aim to create content that truly touches, moves and inspires people in a way that cannot be easily replicated on other social media platforms. Simply broadcasting generic content to more people just won't cut it, a statement further supported by Instagram giving its users greater control over the ads they see.

In an era where mass media broadcasting is rapidly plummeting and quality, relevant content is prevailing, brands need to make sure that they keep this notion in the forefront to truly succeed in the ‘Insta-advertising’ game.

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