Forget Kim K. It's Windows 10 that is breaking the internet.

Windows 10 has some pretty cool features, some of which could of heavily affect development. 

One of the most amazing things about Windows 10 is the idea that apps will become fully functional. Even Windows admit that until Windows 10 the app functions on Windows 8/8.1 were designed for tablets over desktop. According to one report, tablet sales have been dropping in the past few quarters, making Windows apps supremely difficult to sell and use. If the majority of people have desktops or laptops, why create something that is uniquely useful on tablet?

Earlier this year, one of the key features released about Windows 10 was the idea that they have not scrapped apps but they have made them far more accessible for those who do wish to use them. Apps can now easily be clipped to the sides of pages in an far more functional fashion, minimised, or altered in terms of how easy they are to be used. What this means is that, suddenly enough, it is very possible to make an app that has full functionality on a Windows device. The odds are this also means a boom in app downloads as they become more usable on the Windows operating system.

Aside from the usability, Cortana seeks to create a brand new evolution in the world of app development. The idea that now Cortana can respond to voice requests on a PC as well as on a mobile is revolutionary, creating the first personal assistant for a PC with voice recognition software to go with it. This makes Windows 10 an exciting development for the computer world.

The integration of Cortana into Windows apps is an interesting debate. Until now virtual assistants worked almost exclusively on mobiles, but having Cortana on a PC makes a tremendous difference. It means that, in much the same way as there are integrations between Siri and Cortana on apps on phones, there can now be integrations between Cortana and applications on the Windows computer. Voice control is a fantastic ability to have on computers and a wonderful progression into a new technological era of personability.

Windows 10 has a few other interesting features based on improving apps and app development. The first of these is that Windows 10 facilitates all new pieces of hardware and software, allowing for full connectivity through phones and tablets allowing for multiple apps with integration across devices.

Windows 10 is an exciting development, promising a whole new world of apps. 

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