Unleash the power of Microblogging

What is Microblogging?

There is an open debate as to where microblogging stands. Is it Social Media? Is it blogging? Well, technically it is both.

Microblogging is a curious thing. It is the idea or notion that specific thoughts can be expressed simply and effectively, usually within 140 characters. The most famous microblogging site in the world is Twitter, the second largest Social Media site in the world, and a site that has been utilised from a marketing perspective since 2008.

Twitter is a superb site. It allows for the interaction of Facebook without getting bogged down in the social politics Facebook endures. Nowadays Twitter is used by all kinds of companies, from those who are looking to sell B2C directly through referring back to their websites, to those who use Twitter from a far more authoritarian perspective.

Five ways Microblogging can be used for marketing restaurants online

Twitter can be a phenomenal tool when used correctly. It is a brilliant way of engaging with target audiences online, allowing for the right kind of message to be sent to the right kind of people. It allows for information to be shared at an incredible rate, meaning that offers and information can be shared remarkably quickly through social platforms. This is one of the key benefits to microblogging. It allows for messages to be spread to the right people at the right time. 

  1. Delivering messages as and when they happen - this is the core benefit to microblogging. It can reach readers instantly, delivering messages to them at light speed. Like other forms of Social Media, microblogging bipasses the press, something which can be a benefit from a business perspective.
  2. Microblogging allows for personal responses to customers and develops a far more personable approach to customer interactions. Social Media, in particular Twitter, allows for customers to talk directly to the staff, bypassing the middle man.
  3. Twitter allows for companies to deliver offers directly to their customers. It allows for exclusive deals and offers, tailored to the needs of the customer and delivered directly to them. It is the ultimate convenience for companies and customers alike.
  4. Microblogging is an authoritarian device. It allows for news about the industry to be spread, allowing for companies to appear like the authorities they are in their field. This can be as simple as retweeting something someone else has put, or spreading ideas of your own.
  5. Twitter and Microblogging are the ultimate referrers. They allow for people to find your website, purchasing system, or offer through inbound marketing techniques. This makes Twitter an incredibly powerful tool.

Microblogging is certainly a path in the future worth exploring. It can be an incredibly powerful tool, and all it needs is harnessing. 

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