What is Culture Amp and how can it improve your HR?

Designed a couple of years ago, Culture Amp is a piece of software designed to improve the internal culture of a company engaging employees on a whole new level. Culture Amp is designed to create a bridge between the management of a company and the staff allowing for heightened interactions within the workplace.

What is Culture Amp?

Culture Amp is based around the idea that happy employees are hard working employees. Happy employees are productive employees. Happy employees are satisfied with their job role and with their work lives in general. These ideas are not revolutionary to HR. Instead, what Culture Amp does is tap into employee's ideas allowing them to be expressed within the workplace.

Employees can often feel intimidated when it comes to management ideas and influence, so this can lead to employees hiding away and not making themselves heard whilst refraining from engagement within the workplace. Culture Amp allows employers to bridge the gap allowing their workforce to share their own views on how the company is run. This is an incredibly powerful tool for any CEO or organisation caring about keeping their employees happy.

Let's Talk About Surveys

There is no such thing as no internal culture, the concept of internal culture exists no matter the brand or the organisation. There is no question as to whether an organisation has an internal culture, the only question is: Is it relevant, and is it a good culture or a bad one?

One of the many problems facing bosses and their businesses is that quite often they do not know whether their culture is a good one or a bad one. Often this is not due to any particular fault of their own, however, there can be divides between certain aspects of the business depending on the area they are in and how busy they are. This can be easily solved by reconnecting with their staff, allowing for managers and their colleagues to really connect. 

The way that Culture Amp describe their mantra on their website is that they combine psychology, statistics, UX and engineering to create a platform designed to improve the working culture through increased communication. 

Ultimate Connectivity

This is where the strength of Culture Amp lies. Through offering different types of survey it is possible to find out anything you want from your staff and to create a work environment that is tailored to providing them with the best possible outcomes in mind. It allows for maximum productivity through listing to the needs of the many, allowing for the management to provide directly towards their workforce's happiness.

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