We decided to interview our Designer Emma Smyth about the commendation that she was awarded at last night's Chip Shop Awards.

Lawnmower _for _Sale

First of all, well done Em! Were you chuffed?

Absolutely! We were nominated in four categories and were ecstatic to win commendations in two!

What were the designs you submitted?

Dom, our Creative Lead, created an ad for Marmite which was a play on the fact that you either love it or you hate it; a "Swipe Love, Swipe Hate" concept for Tinder. I also got a commendation in the Best Shop Window Advert category. It was a postcard for a lawn mower for sale where the tear off strips that you take if you are interested, were made to look like grass blades.

What did you win?

We won two Vinegars, which aren't quite a Chip, but are a commendation in that category. The Chip Shop Awards are commendations for raw creativity so we are really happy with that.

Tell me about your category.

It's a really popular category so there were a lot of entries. They are designed to be as simple as possible. A lot of them take into account the space around the postcards or the fact it is on a window, it's not just about the content on the card but the space around it as well. It's all about being simple but effective.

What inspired you to do the postcard?

That's really hard because it literally just popped into my head. Obviously we were all brainstorming and we spent a lot of time throwing around ideas and going through all the categories trying to think of things for each one. We created around twenty different concepts across the board, before putting it forward to the rest of the Cabbies to decide on their favourites. The lawn mower concept was basic but it got the point across and people liked that.

How did you feel when you found out you had won an award?

Great! I wish we had got a Chip [she laughs], but yeah really good. It was the second year we'd entered but the first year we had properly put time in. It was really nice to be amongst peers and really nice to be recognised in the creative industry, especially as there was a lot of talent among all the entries across the categories.

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