We decided to interview our Creative Lead Dominic Pickard about the commendation he was awarded at last night's Chip Shop Awards.

Swipe _Hate _Swipe _Love

Well done for the commendation Dominic, are you pleased?

It was great fun! The Chip Shop Awards are always good fun and for the team to receive two commendations this year is fantastic.

What was your design?

It was a simple design, based on the idea that with Marmite you either love it or you hate it. We wanted to play on the concept because it fit so well with the notion of Tinder. Swipe left if you hate it, swipe right if you like it. It seemed like a no-brainer really.  

What did you win?

We were nominated in four categories in total, however we won commendations in two of those. Em was awarded a Vinegar for her design for a shop window postcard, and I was also given a Vinegar for my Tinder advert. It was an absolute honour, even if the bottle was a little bit sticky.

Tell me about your category.

It's an interesting category really. The official title is 'Best Work For A Brand You Haven't A Hope In Hell Of Winning'. It's the category where all the creatives and agencies are allowed to post work they would pitch to a company they don't work with. There were some amazing entries for agencies creating work for Ikea, Sony, Tampax, Irn Bru, and Bosch. 

What inspired you to do the Tinder advert?

It was a concept I was toying with for a client of ours, creating an advert to use on Tinder and reach different customers. When we began brainstorming for the Chip Shop Awards we thought about the Marmite slogan. Once that occurred to us we put two and two together and made a really cool concept.

How did you feel when you found out you had won an award?

It was a great feeling. The Chip Shop Awards are not just a lot of fun; they allow designers to flex their creative muscles with complete freedom. There are some superb designers who enter so it is really nice to have received a commendation.