Should you upgrade to Umbraco 7?

Have your clients been asking you to upgrade their websites to Umbraco 7? Well Heather Floyd gave a great presentation discussing the pros and cons of upgrading Umbraco 4 and 6 to version 7 at Codegarden 2015, the annual Umbraco developer conference. For me the biggest appeal to move to Umbraco 7 has to be the vastly improved responsive back office which not only offers a better interface for editors and developers alike but more importantly feels much snappier thanks to the introduction of AngularJS. Another great feature introduced in 7.2 was the new grid editor which may hold some appeal for your content editors.

So the big question is "should I upgrade to Umbraco 7?"

If the website uses custom property editors or other custom back office extensions, whether these have been developed in house or published by others you may be facing a lot of hard work to upgrade. If the packages have been updated to work with Umbraco 7 then your in luck, otherwise you will need to recreate the package yourself or convert the data into a format which can be used with an existing or custom property editor.

There are many potential pitfalls and major issues you may experience when upgrading to Umbraco 7, especially if the site was originally built on version 4 as the upgrade process to version 6 missed some crucial database changes.

If the website in question is simple with little to no packages or custom extensions then you may be looking at a day or two to upgrade however you will have to factor in any necessary code changes required to templates. However if the website has a lot of custom property editors or custom dashboards I would personally advise against upgrading to Umbraco 7.

In short based on my own experience and Heathers experiences, it you are dealing with a complicated website I would advise you to upgrade to the latest version of Umbraco 6 rather than Umbraco 7. If the client really want's to move to Umbraco 7, it would be advisable to rebuild the website from scratch.

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