Exciting things are happening in the Umbraco world at Codegarden 15.

The roadmap panel was a great session which had select members of the core development team taking questions from the community regarding the future direction of Umbraco. What it is very clear to see is that Umbraco 8 is all about removing legacy code as this is what is currently holding back the rate at which the team can further develop the system. Once version 8 is complete, the development team will not have to spend any time fighting and dealing with the legacy code, thus freeing up 60% of their time which will be better spent working on new features and improving existing functionality.

With Umbraco 8 developers will be pleased to hear there is a new document type editor as this has remained largely unchanged until now. The interface has been greatly improved and looks to improve the workflow for creating and managing document types. The caching system which Umbraco uses has now been re-written to replace a single cache to now use individual caches for each individual page. This essentially means that each time a page is changed or created, Umbraco will no longer need to re-cache the entire website but just the individual item which should reduce the amount of work the server is having to do. We should also see GUID's used more heavily than the existing numerical ID's which should hopefully negate many of the existing issues when working on different instances of a website such as development, staging and live.

Also on the horizon for Umbraco 8 and beyond is the removal of the tree within the media section which will see the current view stretched to fill the entire width of the back end. We should also see an updated Umbraco interface sometime in the near future. We do not expect this to be a massive overhaul but rather some nice polish and we have been told to expect some colour.

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