There is a new word taking the internet by storm, and that word is weaving.

Weaving is a very malleable word and it has been growing ever more popular since the Google I/O Conference 2015. 

Weave is a relatively new computer language, designed to power Brillo, Google's operating system used to keep everything connected together in the Internet of Things. The idea is that the web is woven together and turned into something more through a development language that allows for objects and items powered by the internet to interact with one another. It is a truly amazing development, and one which is revolutionising the world one appliance at a time.

Weaving is the connectivity between devices. It is the way in which phones interact with their environment, how software like that powering the Hololens will work, and how the potential of the internet is being stretched day by day. 

The world of Weave is incredible. Weave and Brillo are getting placed into all kinds of devices, from watches to fridges to clothing (making a Weave weave) in order to create a truly connected world in the Internet of Things. It works as a bridge between the connected Cloud and smart devices, creating a link between every device with web connectivity. Through Weave it is possible to lock doors, take pictures with cameras from other devices, and even check the moisture level in soil. You name it, anything futuristic, and Weave makes it possible.

As a developer Weave is insanely exciting. It opens up a whole new world of prospects and opportunities for how the world interacts. It allows for a new generation where we are one with the technology surrounding us in every day life rather than just the proponents of it. This will transform The Internet of Things into The Internet of Everything.

Weave and Brillo are fantastic pieces of development. They add a new level of definition between us, as people, the worldly and the digital. 

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