We have recently discovered some really amazing software here at CAB that we would like to share with you.

This week we have been mentioning live chat a fair amount on Underhood. So far we have looked into how it can keep customers on a website, its current worth and how it can be improved upon in the future. What we haven't explored however are example pieces of software to make customer relations that much easier. This post will be that exploration - we will be looking at LivePerson.

LivePerson is a customer communications manager, designed to simplify the live chatting process when on a website. We have recently installed this onto our own website to give it a go. The customer interface is nothing particularly special, however it is the back end that truly makes the software something special. 

Testing LivePerson

What can be said about LivePerson other than it is an absolute pleasure to use? From a customer experience point of view LivePerson is similar to most other live chat software, however it is under the surface where it truly becomes an amazing piece of software. 

The backend interface for LivePerson allows for one of the best interactions between customer and retailer outside of the showroom. From the dashboard it is possible to track the pages a visitor has been on, what they have been looking at, what they have in their shopping cart - and every possible piece of information down to the operating system they are using. This allows for the customer services representative to be armed with all the information they could possibly need in order to sell to the customer or client. This is fantastic.

LivePerson is equivalent to having an incredibly attentive sales assistant in a shop, looking through their customer's basket and following them around the store in order to make the best possible recommendations. This may be something that, in person, would be incredibly creepy, however online this is merely being attentive.

LivePerson Usability and Dashboard

Although LivePerson offers an incredible amount of information, it also has a very simple dashboard that anyone can use. The best comparison for this is a program such as LeadForensics or Sprout Social. These are examples of software designed to make usability as easy as possible, whilst providing the maximum amount of information.

The basic dashboard is split into four sections - the actual chat itself taking up the far left. Going from left to right there is then the visit information. This shows the campaign goals and information, along with the information about the selected visitor chatting at that precise moment in time. These are things we discovered when we installed the software on the CAB Studios site just to test it out.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 At 10.02.52 (1)

From the above information it is possible to pinpoint the location of the person talking, allowing far more detailed shipping information or regional discussion between the customer and the representative. Continuing right, the next section contains the predefined chat options. These enable automated responses to be given, something which is especially useful for company policy or standard greetings, for instance, there are fair and final options for responding to abusive customers. From here customers can also be transferred to a different company representative on LivePerson.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 At 10.03.01

These are fantastic features which allow for consistency when chatting to customers. There is a fourth section which is an analysis of where abouts on the site the customer has already been, what they are looking at or thinking about buying. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 At 10.03.13

How Can LivePerson Be Used In Upselling or Remarketing?

The above features are all well and good, and it is obvious how knowing the information can help when talking to clients about a product. Where LivePerson really comes into its own though is how it can help with upselling and remarketing. 

How is this possible? The answer is surprisingly simple. Let's say that someone comes into a website and browses televisions. They browse a 4K 3D flatscreen TV but leave again without talking to you. Now let's say they come back a day later and decide to spark up a conversation about any questions they may have. Now they are interested in a 4K 3D curved screen TV. 

The company representative knows that the customer has browsed both flatscreen and curved screen televisions and so can remarket the first television if it is the best option. Alternatively, they may decide that the curved screen television is the best option, in which case they can upsell accessories and similar products. Has the customer thought about TV stands? What about DVD or Blu-Ray players? The possibilities are endless.

Statistically speaking, LivePerson is a great way of not only providing great customer service but also marketing in a completely new way. It boosts the potential of any website, allowing that next level of interaction to take place. 

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