Remarketing is a fantastic tool and can help any company with a bit of thinking outside of the box.

Remarketing is an incredibly powerful tool. The opportunity to retarget an audience, or re-engage with a prospective customer, once they have left your website is invaluable. The question is: How powerful is remarketing? Is it worth investing money into? How can it be utilised to the best of its ability?

How powerful is remarketing and Is it worth investing money into?

How effective digital remarketing is depends on the type of product you are trying to sell. For a company such as ours (a multichannel marketing agency), traditional PPC remarketing would not necessarily be the right answer, whereas for an e-commerce site PPC may be the best route to take. To answer the second question first ('Is it worth investing money into?') the authoritative website, PPC Hero, states the following:

"Does remarketing work? Yes. Full stop. If you can use remarketing, you should. I have a few accounts in which remarketing isn’t an option due to the nature of the products. It’s one of the most infuriating lost opportunities I can think of when it comes to account management. It lets you take advantage of all of your site traffic (which comes pre-qualified since they’ve already shown an interest in your site), and it provides you with cheaper clicks and conversions." - Eric Couch, PPC Hero

What Eric of PPC Hero states is correct. Remarketing is a superb way of taking advantage of pre-qualified traffic visiting a website. It is marketing to people who are already interested in the product you have to sell. It converts unconverted prospects into business opportunities.

So how powerful is remarketing?

The truth is simple. Remarketing will never be a great substitute for search as the goals are completely different. Search wants to engage with a potential audience, whereas remarketing wants to engage with a pre-existing prospect. The potential pool of target customers is smaller. In one example a website got 40,000 hits in a day. Remarketing for that website got around 8,000 to come back. This was 20% of the traffic returning as a qualified lead.

Conversion Rates

In another case study for a website of that size, just over 700 converted through search and another 150 converted through remarketing. This means that 17% of the conversions were directly through remarketing. If each conversion was worth £50 this accounts to £7500 the company would not have had otherwise.

How Can Remarketing Be Utilised For The Best Possible Result?

The truth is that remarketing will bear different results depending on the company. If a company does best through using PPC advertisement, then a PPC remarketing campaign (using Google) is probably the best way to go.

Alternatively, and this is where thinking outside the box is beneficial, for other companies a direct mailing, telesales, or live chat may be a better option. Through utilising a great campaign, online or off, it is possible to re-engage with prospects that would otherwise be lost. 

So what options are there for remarketing aside from traditional PPC or targeted advertisement?

Let's talk about engaging with those customers who are still on your site and how using software like LivePerson can increase remarketing potential.

LivePerson is exactly what it sounds like - live chat software designed to improve customer/company interaction whilst they are on your website. It is a fantastic piece of software that we will be talking about later on in the week in more detail, however suffice is to say it is an amazing piece of tech. LivePerson allows for the sales process to be supported via a representative of your company talking with the customer online and knowing all about what they have been browsing on your site. It provides you with all the information it can about the customer so that a representative can talk to them in a lot more detail about the products they have been browsing. 

LiveEngage is even smart enough that it can pop up when a customer wants to leave the site, to give them the opportunity to turn around before they go.

Live Person -Website -Button

That is one way to engage with customers, to remarket to them in person, whilst they are still on your site.

How else can a company re-engage with people visiting their website once that connection has been lost? One way may be using LeadForensics and a print campaign. 

LeadForensics is a well known piece of software that allows a company to see what other organisations have been visiting their site. This is a fantastic way to target a B2B campaign, as LeadForensics gives you the details of the companies that have been on your site and what pages they have been looking at or spending time on. From here a great print campaign can be utilised. If a company has been looking on your site for information about product X then send them information about product X. It is a superb selling tool.

Please click on the button below to find out how best to utilise a remarketing campaign to improve sales - 

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The truth is simple to see - remarketing works. It is a fantastic way of ensuring that leads do not go cold.