The world is constantly evolving and food is changing with it.

Restaurant trends can often flit about as, similar to fashion, what is hot one minute may be out of business the next. Knowing how to capitalise on trends when they are popular can make the difference between making a lasting impression or fading away.

In this article we will be looking at how to make the most out of a current marketing trend and how to get lasting business out of it. What better example to demonstrate this than with the Carbonated Cocktail trend?


How To Make The Most Out Of Restaurant Trends

Food is in many ways similar to every other type of trend. Trends can throw all kinds of spanners in the works of all types of marketing strategies. They are constantly changing, and often faster than a marketing strategy will allow, meaning that by the time that anything is implemented the trend will been and gone. The World would have moved on. The outcome of this is that countless marketers, all over the world, ignore trends as they seem more hassle than they are worth.

The simple truth is that it is often a lot easier than expected to take advantage of most trends. They need not fill a marketer with dread.

Trends are easy to take advantage of (with a little bit of futurism research) and can be managed easily as flash marketing campaigns. Let's look at one trend in particular - the Carbonated Cocktail trend.

For those who are unsure, the Carbonated Cocktail trend started with the invention of the Soda Stream. Since then it has dropped in and out of popularity - being popular in the 1990s, 2011 (hence the video above) and is coming back in 2015. Essentially, it comprises of home brewed cocktails, carbonated, bottled, and sold as quirky refreshments.

Carbonated Cocktails

The above graph was sourced using software anyone can use, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, and shows the average monthly searches for the term "Carbonated Cocktails". As it can be seen, there are certainly trends rising and falling, with very specific spikes over the past few years - most notably around Christmas. This may not be surprising, however what can also be seen are peaks in the search volume around July 2013 and April this year.

The graph gives a regular time when this specific food trend is popular, as well as an idea as to the popularity at peak times of the year. Suddenly, monopolising on a trend seems far easier.

Another method is to use Google Trends, which actively predicts popular trends. This may give you a table, looking very much like the table below, showing the popularity of specific trends and how they are rising within a patricular industry.

Cocktails Related

Knowing when certain restaurant trends are popular can open doorways, but how can they be taken advantage of? What can be done to maximise growth as much as possible from what is going on in the culinary world? 

How To Market Restaurant Trends

Restaurant trends are suprisingly simple to market. There are essentially two different methods to marketing a trend - the first is to act instantly to gain immediate effect. The second method is to act as a contingency in case they come back later on in the future.

Social or PPC targeting are ways of latching onto a trend instantaneously and profiteering on it right away. One such example of this is when the London Wine Week was on. Playboy Club London created their own campaign in order to assure that their clients knew that they were a part of it. 

Playboy Wine

As it can be seen, a nice image and the right content is all it takes. This did a good job at driving engagement around the event that Playboy were advertising. The post would have taken them very little time to put together, yet the ROI was astronomical.

PPC, on the other hand, can be targeted directly to a specific area. A restaurant chain may decide that they want to take advantage of where crazes have hit the hardest, and so this would lead to them conducting a tiny bit more research to ensure that they are to hit the best target areas. 

Cocktails Regional (1)

For instance, looking at the above graph, a cocktail company may use the above data to ensure that they focus the areas where the most activity is in terms of targeting PPC adverts around visitors from Hull, London, and Dundee for the most effect.

The second tactic, as mentioned before, takes time. This is a great thing to do if the trend is suspected to either (a) last a while or (b) be considered to flit back and forth between popularity and nothingness. It makes sense, on such occasions, for a search or SEO campaign to be implemented. If this is done, if blog posts are written or websites dedicated to restaurant trends, then by the time the trend comes back a piece of optimised content will be driving people from search engines and onto a website advertising the trend. Naturally enough it is not worth doing this for one off trends, but it is worth it for more longstanding movements.


It is a common mistake that passing trends cannot be optimised for. Like anything else there are campaigns that can be committed to in order to advertise for restaurant trends with diligence and effectiveness. They require planning, but this does not mean that it cannot be done. With these guidelines any company, restaurant or otherwise, can take advantage of trends.

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