There have been some really great April Fools pranks this year.

This Year April Fools Day Has Been Taken To The Next Level

April Fools Day is officially over. This year has proved even more fruitful than most, with fantastic advertisements all over the place, and companies innovating their own brands in order to generate more of a buzz. We got every department in CAB to pick their favourite of the year and these are the results.


There have been a lot of email pranks this year, and two ended up making our list from different departments.

The first of these, which was masterfully done, is by Boden, who used their email to recall a dress. The dress supposedly shows a naked member of the public on it, and the resulting email was hilarious.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 At 14.39.02

Boden blended the perfect mixture of humour and advertisement, creating a truly unique email no one will forget in a while. What is even more clever is that there was actually nothing wrong with the dress and the 'get the full story' button lead through to a sales page.


Our analytics guys had a different favourite today, with an entrant to the list that reflects their love of Google. The Google Mail Box was a fantastic little prank that is also a fantastic product idea. Yes, Google may take it to the extreme, but responsive mailboxes are not inconceivable.

Our analysts enjoyed the Google advert so much they started thinking about how it would actually work. It was an ingenius advert from the kings of the online world.


It is no surprise that our development team enjoyed the Sony Playstation Flow advert that came out yesterday. The concept is a device that allows you to stream video games in the water, allowing for realistic swimming sections. Rather cleverly the fake advert doubles up as a real advert for The Last of Us game. This is a very funny and very inventive advert that allows for innovation in parody. It works on several different levels.


There was a hilarious rebranding story going around today - Beefeater are going vegan and releasing the 'Leafeater'. This showed some simple innovation, and demonstrated how one quick name change can turn a product or brand on its head. The concept was so simple and yet it gave us all a laugh.

April _fools _Leafea _3252827b (1)


There were a load of new graphics released this April Fools Day, providing our design team with plenty to choose from. Our favourites this year included a wide array of variant products and suggestions. There was however one that stood out.

Our favourite was one that appeared to be incredibly creative by Joules who offered a night in a luxury castle - a sandcastle. Offering "One Shell of a Time" this advert is not only funny but works on numerous levels of humour.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 At 15.24.13


What is worrying about this next one is that we can actually imagine it becoming popular - the ASOS Man Bun. It is a clip-on hair extension for men who instantly want the Fu Manchu look.

What made this so effective is that it is actually a believable product, shared around on Twitter. This soon got picked up by all kinds of outlets and generated a fair amount of chatter for ASOS.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 At 15.45.17


T-Mobile have created a fantastic advert this year to increase engagement with the brand by "increasing engagement with pets". The T-Mobile Un-Leashed Advert has already gone viral, being incredibly well made and well thought through. Even now we giggle over the idea of cat Tinder.

Words cannot explain how wonderful this advert is, how well it works, and how sharable the idea is.

April Fools Day is Over

The clock is well past noon now, and so April Fools is officially over. This year has shown all kinds of innovation from big and small brands alike. Naturally this is creating quite a stir online and proves that unique advertisement is still the best form of advertisement.

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