Getting an online experience right is an incredibly difficult thing to do and yet it is imperative to do so.

More and more online experiences are going to have to get better, get more immersive, and become smoother for the consuming audience. In this short article I would like to highlight a few brands who do strike the nail on the head (so to speak) by getting it bang on. These are brands with an incredibly smooth digital user experience.

Name: Ikea


What They Do Well:

Ikea have a completely seamless user experience. Using a configurator they allow their potential clients to plan out their room to the exact proportions. Ikea have an incredibly friendly user interface which allows customers to configure everything from their Billy bookcases to their Cactaceae potted plants. Ikea have revolutionised the way that they display their blogs and content marketing in order to provide customers will all of the information they need in one place. Ikea have taken a risk and it paid off, allowing for them to have a seamlessly integrated customer experience in all aspects. It is a superb website.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 At 15.26.37


Who: Cheshire Mouldings


What They Do Well:

Cheshire Mouldings actually have two different websites they use for business. The first if their home site. The second, Plan Your Stairs, specialises in helping people refurbish their staircase to make it ideal. The entire site is built around unique user experience, increasing the flow of traffic through various goals and converting targets. For this they had the Plan Your Stairs app built, which allows the user to build their ideal staircase before ordering the parts. The Plan Your Stairs app is a perfect example of how configurators should work. The entire site is easy to navigate, has a smooth information architecture, and with the user experience at its heart.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 At 15.26.55

To find out more about Plan Your Stairs, please feel free to read our indepth case study.


Who: RAM Kitchens


What They Do Well:

RAM Kitchens do simplicity well. They have a simple customer flow, from initially choosing a kitchen to purchasing it. What they do especially well is having a visualiser which allows for customers to have a look at their ideal kitchen before they buy. It is not fully customisable like a configurator, but it does give a very good idea. RAM Kitchens have an incredibly simple information architecture that works. It is effective, leading right up to a ‘Contact’ page.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 At 15.27.22

Ikea, Cheshire Mouldings, and RAM Kitchens all have websites that are designed to improve the customer experience. This is the key premise of twenty first century marketing. The customer is king. Please them and in turn they will become a customer for life.

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