Have you ever wondered about the relationship between data and business? Do you want to learn how to get your ideas to spread? Do you believe in a world of open business? Do you wonder what consumers want? Or, are you wondering how business can be simplified?

For those who do not know, Ted Talks are collective talks from some of the greatest minds on the planet. They discuss everything from money to love, happiness to religion, magic to mayhem, and share brand new thoughts, ideas and concepts from the best and brightest. This month I have been listening to a large number of Ted Talks and have collected a few of my favourites to share about the world of business.

How Data Will Transform Business - Philip Evans

In this incredibly interesting (if not a bit hardcore) talk, Philip Evans discusses two contrasting theories about data and its relationship with business, explaining why both are wrong.

How To Get Your Ideas To Spread - Seth Godin

A revolutionary talk about how sometimes the ideas that are seemingly the worst are the ones that gain the most traction. It goes to show that when brainstorming it is important not to shoot any ideas down but to consider all available paths.

My Wish: To Launch A New Era of Openness in Business - Charmian Gooch

Charmian Gooch opens up the conversation of anonymous companies and whether or not they are damaging the world. She dreams of a world of open companies, and her passion is well worth listening to.

What Consumers Want - Joseph Pine

Joseph Pine turns ideas of commodities and customers upside down in this eye-opening talk. Scoping industrial and service based economies, Pine's talk is a fascinating listen.

As Work Gets More Complex, Six Rules To Simplify - Yves Morieux

Finally, the great Yves Morieux talks about six simple rules to simplify business in order to optimise and get the most out of it.